The Kings of the Wyld (The Band #1)

The boys are back in town!

Saga, Kings of the Wyld are back! The leader of the band Slow Hand Clay Cooper, frontman Golden Gabe, Moog the wizard, Mattrick the king, and the deadly Ganelon are back and… older than ever!

Against all odds, the band was back together.

It would be just like old times, except that Moog was dying of an incurable ailment, Mattrick was hideously out of shape, Gabriel—their proud and fearless leader—had gone meek as a newborn kitten, and Clay wanted nothing more than to go home, hug his wife, and tell his darling daughter stories of grand exploits that were all, thankfully, far behind him.

The premise of Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames is pretty simple. A band of the most famous heroes of all time. Legends are sung about them in every tavern by every bard across the land. They are getting the band back together one last time to save Gabe’s daughter Rose. She has decided to take up her father’s mantle and has gotten herself trapped. Now under siege by a horde of monsters, unlike anything, anyone has ever seen before.

At its core, this book is very much a classic RPG adventure story with ogres, kobolds, trolls, dragons, chimera, manticores, elven type creatures, bandits, etc. There are even airships! I always think of Final Fantasy when I think of airships, and nothing screams traditional RPG like Final Fantasy. There are some twists to this that make the book really stand out as my favorite book so far this year.

First, is the age of the characters. These guys were the cream of the crop back in the day, but now they are really feeling just how much time has passed since their last trip into the Heartwyld. They are getting old… hell, they ARE old.

The second twist to the classic fantasy story, if you haven’t figured it out yet, is the insane number of references to music(Classic Rock) and video games. In fact, I was listening to the book on Audible on my drive to work one day and I caught myself drumming on the steering wheel. I then had “Back in Black” stuck in my head for half the day. I told Nicholas on twitter that he needed a soundtrack for his book, at which point he directed me to the soundtrack that he had already created. Even though I listened to a ton of classic rock growing up and played more video games(especially RPGs) than I can count. I am still sure that I missed at least half of the references in the book if not more.

The names of the characters even have references to music and video games. Some of their names may even have multiple references. I’m guessing at this, of course, I cant read Nicholas’ mind. Moog, for example, could be a reference to Robert Moog who invented the Moog synthesizer. It could also be a Final Fantasy reference referring to the magical creatures called moogles. There are tons of small things like this scattered throughout the book and it makes the book incredibly fun to read. When you find a reference to something that you know and love hidden in a book it not only makes you feel smarter for noticing it, but it also gives you that warm fuzzy feeling of something familiar from your childhood. It truly is magical.

I am going to break one of my rules now. I’m giving this book a rating because I can’t control myself…


Now, ask yourself, do you like fantasy books? Do you like gritty non-stop action? How about hearing old guys drop the F-bomb while smashing monsters in the nuts with a magic hammer? Do you want to have that feeling of seeing your favorite classic rock band get back together? Do you like characters that you can easily fall in love with because they are so damned squishy? (uh… forget that bit about squishy and replace it with Badass!) I bet you’d like elven creatures with rabbit ears hellbent on taking over the world? (no seriously tho). How about magic swords and zombies(er.. revenant)? Well, do yourself a favor and go buy this book, you won’t regret it. Oh, and do it now because book 2 is coming out next month! Bloody Rose is going to be amazing for sure!

So, after you click that banner at the bottom right there and use your 2 free credits on audible to get Kings of the Wyld and to preorder Bloody Rose check out the author’s website.

If you have read Kings of the Wyld already lemme know what you thought in the comments. Also if you haven’t seen the contest we are running yet, check it out here!

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