We are very excited to start receiving submissions for the 2018/2019 short story contest. In order for you to participate you need to fill out the form below. This will give us permission to contact you with any information regarding the contest. We will not be able to accept any story submissions without registration. If you are an educator we just need you to register one time with your name even if you are going to submit multiple students’ writing. After you have registered you can send a separate email for each of your students with their stories attached. Please make sure the student’s name is included in the writing so that we can give proper credit to the author.

Make sure you read the contest rules before you send us any entry.

If you would like to donate or help raise money for this contest check out our GoFundMe!


Just to be clear, our goal is to get every entry into the final book, and a copy of the book to every student at no cost to the school or the student. Because of the way we are publishing the book however there is a limit on the size of the book. If we get so many entries that they wont fit into the book then some entries will have to be omitted, thus why we are calling this a contest. Every child that submits a story however will still be rewarded with a copy of the final book. With this being our first attempt at something like this I don’t see that happening. 

The overall objective of doing this “contest” is to get kids to write and share their ideas with other kids across the country. We will do our best to ensure that every child feels like a winner.

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