Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Love

This is going to be a little bit different from one of my normal posts. This post will be a little bit more personal. Today my wife and I are celebrating our 14 wonderful years of marriage. So I thought I would put together 14 quotes from science fiction and fantasy. Of course this post wouldn’t be possible without my amazing wife. So, this is for you Beckie.

1. Because sometimes two people are made for each other:

“At first glance, the key and the lock it fits may seem very different. Different in shape, different in function, different in design. The man who looks at them without knowledge of their true nature might think them opposites, for one is meant to open, and the other to keep closed. Yet, upon closer examination, he might see that without one, the other becomes useless. The wise man then sees that both lock and key were created for the same purpose.” -Brandon Sanderson, The Well of Ascension

2. Because it’s no fun without you:

“I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone.” -J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

3. Because love is something we all look for:

“And what would humans be without love?”
RARE, said Death.” -Terry Pratchett, Sourcery

4. And, those of us that find it are truly the lucky ones:

“Do I love you? My God, if your love were a grain of sand, mine would be a universe of beaches.”-William Goldman, The Princess Bride

5. Love takes hard work:

“Love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone, it has to be made, like bread; remade all the time, made new.” – Ursula K. Le Guin, The Lathe of Heaven

6. But, its worth it:

“Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.” -Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land

7. Love can sometimes make a person crazy:

“When I’m around you, my mind is no longer my own.” -Anakin Skywalker, Star Wars Ep II

8. Or even foolish sometimes:

“You know nothing, Jon Snow.” -George R.R. Martin, A Storm of Swords

9. The truest love comes with the good and the bad:

“In many ways, unwise love is the truest love. Anyone can love a thing because. That’s as easy as putting a penny in your pocket. But to love something despite. To know the flaws and love them too. That is rare and pure and perfect.” -Patrick Rothfuss, The Wise Man’s Fear

10. But, its a choice worth making:

“Love is not a whim. Love is not a flower that fades with a few fleeting years. Love is a choice wedded to action, my husband, and I choose you, and I will choose you every day for the rest of my life.” -Brent Weeks, The Blinding Knife

11. Because love can be silly:

“A marriage is always made up of two people who are prepared to swear that only the other one snores.” -Terry Pratchett, The Fifth Elephant

12. And, because love can be healing:

“You have made a place in my heart where I thought there was no room for anything else. You have made flowers grow where I cultivated dust and stones.” -Robert Jordan, Shadow Rising

13. Because sometimes it doesn’t need to be said:

“Rose Tyler, I…” – The Doctor, Doctor Who

14. Sometimes it’s said very simply:

“Always.” -J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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