Review Policies

Free Books? Who doesn’t love Free books?

We love it when we are contacted to review a book. We unfortunately cannot accept all review copies. While we will look into any book offered, we will not accept the copy if:

The book doesn’t seem like something we would be interested in. We unfortunatly like most people have normal jobs that pay for the important things in life like food, shelter, and audible.
If we won’t have the time to read and review the book in the near future we will let you know.

Genres we are interested in.

This one is pretty simple. Our site is dedicated to Sci-fi and Fantasy. We like almost every sub-genre included in those very broad categories. YA and books for the bigger kids(Adult) are welcome. We also LOVE short stories and novellas. They are quick and easy to read and review, and this gives our readers something to read more often than usual. 

We will not accept review copies for chick-lits, erotica, non-fiction and religious fiction. If your genre isn’t mentioned here, feel free to contact me anyway. If the story sounds interesting, We might give it a go.

Scoring System

Now, here is where we differ from most conventional review systems.  One of our goals is to help authors connect with readers that will enjoy their work. Conversely, we want our readers to find something new that they enjoy. We WILL NOT post negative reviews and here is why. We believe that every story has something of value to someone. If we read a book and don’t personally like the book we will do everything that we can to find the type of reader that would enjoy the book. If we read a book about fantasy apples for example but we absolutely hate fantasy apples(I once got a fantasy worm in a fantasy apple and haven’t been able to stomach them since). Our review would point out that we don’t particularly like fantasy apples, but we know there are tons of fantasy fruit fanatics out there and you fruit loving people need to sink you teeth into this one!  I think you get the point. All of our reviews are done in our spare time, and they are done without payment from any publisher or author. We do receive books on occasion in exchange for an honest review. The only money we receive comes from advertising with affiliate links. This means if you see an ad on the site for something and you click on it we do get an extremely small percentage of the purchase as a commission.

Note: If for some reason we get a book and it is absolute garbage, we wont review it. This will not happen very often and is usualy because the book does not fall into fantasy or sci-fi in any way.

We accept any form of book, eBook, audio-book(this is my personal favorite because I drive a lot for work).

Guest Bloggers

If you would like to share anything with our audience please feel free to contact us. We would be more than happy to give you a platform to share your views on the Sci-fi and fantasy world. Keep in mind the same policies will apply to anything you want to write about. We will not accept anything that is discriminatory, hateful, anything that puts someone down in anyway or any other form of negativity. We want to keep things uplifting and positive. This does not mean however, that you cant express an opinion about something you don’t like. You just have to do it in a respectful way, and let our readers know why you didn’t like it and who might like it. Again, every story can find someone who will enjoy it.

You can contact us at for anything at all.

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