It’s Official! Entries are being accepted for the first youth writing contest!

It has finally started. I have the contest page set up so we can now start taking submissions for the sci-fi/fantasy short story contest. All of the rules and sign up form are all there on the contest page. The contest is open to 6th-12th grade. Most of these contests you will find have a word count rule. I don’t want to put restrictions on how many words your story has to be, but try to aim for the 700-1000 word range. We will not be judging based on word count. I cant wait to start receiving stories.

I have also set up a GoFundMe page to take donations to get these stories published. So if you can afford it go donate a buck so we can get these stories into an actual book to send to students and schools! If you are a multi-millionare and are looking to throw some money around we will graciously accept, In fact if you donate $10k+ I’ll name the book after you(“Bill Gates and the Dragon” and other short stories). And finally, if you don’t have money to donate, that is ok too. If you could at least check out the donation page and click the share buttons that would be appreciated. That actually may even be more helpful than a dollar. 

As we get closer to the start of the school year I will open up my patreon page where you can subscribe to read some of the stories before they get published, or even to help judge some of them.

So to give a basic run down of how this is going to work for both teachers who want to use this contest in their class room, and for kids who want to enter on their own:


First all you need to do is go to the contest page and fill out the form. Be sure you read the rules as well. After you fill out the form you will be able to submit stories written by your students via E-mail. I am working on making up a simple flier that you will be able to download or request by email. I should have it done by the beginning of the school year. If you want to submit all of your students works you can, or If you want to hold your own contests in class or in after school programs or whatever you can do that as well. We will continue to take entries up until march 1st. You only need to register once, even if you are submitting more that one student’s writing. If you have questions contact me at


If you somehow stumbled onto this contest and your school is not participating this is what you need to do. First show the contest page to one of your teachers and ask them if they will participate. If they say yes, sweet! Your only job now is to write a fantastic sci-fi/fantasy short story. If they don’t want to participate ask them if they would be willing to fill out the form for you so that you can enter on your own free time. If for some reason you cannot find a teacher willing to do this for you, ask your parents. It’s best to have a teacher because they will have a school email address they can send the story from so that we know you have some kind of adult permission. We will not be able to publish a story written by you unless we get the ok from an adult. 

And that pretty much sums it up! Now, if you are reading this and you have no plans to enter or you don’t know any kids who want to write fantasy stories, I’m sure that you probably know someone who does. Please Please Please… yes I am begging! Share this someone, or hopefully lots of someones. If you are a hermit living in a cave with no friends I respect that choice. Kinda weird that you are able to read this from your cave, but whatever. SO…

Share, enter, donate, or all of the above! I cant do this without some help from you and I thank you in advance. 

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