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Mumbo’s second Channel

If you are into Minecraft at all, or watch minecraft videos on Youtube, you may be familiar with Hermitcraft and Mumbo Jumbo. If you have watched any of his popular redstone videos or hermitcraft episodes I’m sure you have heard him say “Check out the latest video on the filming channel.”  Well, you should! Not only is he a brilliant youtuber with millions of subscribers, but he makes beautiful videos outside of the pixelated world of minecraft. If you have any interest in video editing and producing or like the tech side of filming you should check out his second channel.

Youtube- Mumbo Vlogs

Twitter- Tweeter time link!

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If you enjoy books check out this channel for sure. I stumbled across this channel while watching Steven bridges do magic(also a fun person to watch). Chareads also has a very successful kickstarter campaign. check it out!  You can make your own incredible jewelry designs.

Youtube- Chareads


Twitter- tweet tweet

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