2018/2019 Contest Rules

  1. No entry fee is required, and all rights in the story remain the property of the author. However, by entering the short story contest and on being selected as a finalist, you grant the Sponsors a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to publish and reproduce in part or full in print or online media, and to display your full name, short story and any art included in connection with Sponsors’ business, through print or online media channels. For the avoidance of doubt, the scope of full reproduction/full publishing is limited to publishing the story in an anthology and/or e-book format.
  2. Entries should be emailed to jay@jetpacksndragons.com no later than 03/01/2019
  3. All types of science fiction, and fantasy are welcome.
  4. By submitting to the Contest, the entrant agrees to abide by all Contest rules.
  5. All entries must be original works by the entrant, in English.
  6. Plagiarism, which includes the use of third-party poetry, song lyrics, characters or another person’s universe, without written permission, will result in disqualification.
  7. Excessive violence or sex, determined by the judges, will result in disqualification.
  8. Entries may not have been previously published in professional media.
  9. The Contest is open to all kids grades 6-12.
  10. Each entry must have a cover page with the title of the work and the author’s name. Every subsequent page must have the title and a page number, but the author’s name is not required on each page.
  11. Once a story is submitted by email no revisions will be accepted.
  12. Winners will be notified of the results by e-mail.
  13. Prizes will be awarded to the winners and/or the winners’ schools based on the amount of money raised by this contest.
  14. This Contest is void where prohibited by law.
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