Bad Dads

Very often in fantasy and science fiction one of the key driving points of the plot has something to do with a missing parent or in some cases a parent that turns out to be the evil that our hero has been hunting.  Our main character also usually has someone who takes the role of a father, raising our main…

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Sufficiently Advanced Magic

LitRPG Andrew Rowe has introduced me to a sub-genre of fantasy I didn't even know existed. Sufficiently Advanced Magic is unlike anything I have ever read. I have read a ton of novels in the fantasy genre but this was the first in a sub-genre known as litRPG. I am planning on doing an entire post about this type of book, but…

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Top 10 Best Fantasy Characters

There are so many characters throughout the realms of fantasy and sci-fi that I have fallen in love with over the course of my life. This list is always going to be changing from day to day, but these are my current favorite fantasy characters covering all types of media. There are tons of different reasons to like characters, whether…

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