A little bit about me.

Grew up in Rochester, NY. The home of Kodak, Xerox, Bausch & Lomb, and Wegmans… oh and most importantly the home of the garbage plate, also known as “the Garbo”!  If you are ever in Rochester, NY you need to go find Nick Tahou’s and get one ASAP! And, while you are at it go find some white hotdogs too.

One day, I think it was 4th or 5th grade, I found something that would change my life forever. An event that might seem small at the time, but you one day look back on and think about how that changed who you’ve become forever. This will probably sound really dumb to a lot of you, but I know some people reading this will understand completely. There was a store that sold baseball cards, comics, posters etc. I would walk across the street after karate and buy looney toons baseball cards. I remember only needing a couple of hologram cards to complete the entire set. One day I went over after my class only to find out that they didn’t have any more looney toon baseball cards, and were not getting any more.

What the hell was I going to do? Now, don’t forget, no amazon or ebay back then. So I took a deep breath and after I calmed a bit I realized that the guy who was working in the store had some cards out and was sorting them into lots of different piles. Trying not to let him know I was watching, I nearly pooped myself when he put them all together and started shuffling them. If you haven’t guessed by now. He was building a deck for magic the gathering. After talking with him about it for a little while I was instantly sold. I went home gathered up all of my looney toon cards and sold them to this shop for a starter deck and a couple boosters of magic cards. Before I knew it all of my friends were just as hooked as I was. How could I possibly say MTG cards changed my life? Simple, I found a game that I truly loved, and I was hungry for more. Over the next couple of years I tried tons of new board games and card games, and quickly found that I just loved games. All kinds of games. I liked the strategy, the luck, the challenge of being smarter and more clever than everyone else around me. I loved the artwork that went into some of the games and the lore and stories behind the art. I found out later about MTG tournaments and booster drafting. There was nothing better than a booster draft. I crushed the local competition week in and week out. I thought for sure I was the best at this game and no one could beat me! Then I went to a Pro tour qualifier in Chicago. Boy was I wrong. I didn’t do horribly, I made it through the first 3 rounds of sealed deck before I was crushed.
Later when I was quite a bit older I traded my magic cards to a hobby shop(yes I got ripped off, and yes I had 8 of the power 9 and a full set of dual lands) for a bunch of warhammer 40k miniatures and a ton of paints. Anyways, you see where this is going. MTG was the first step into a fantastic world of games.

Graduated high school, attended SUNY Fredonia for 2 years. I was there for 4 semesters changed my major a bunch of times, didn’t really pay attention to my classes(a big regret now), got super hooked on a MUD(multi user dungeon) based on Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels, and finally found my love of reading. I read a lot… It all started with Discworld. Then, Tom Robbins, Pierce Anthony, Kurt Vonnegut Jr, Isaac Asimov, etc…
When I decided school wasn’t working for me, and I was just wasting money I moved back home and worked at a gas station. This also didn’t work for me as you can probably imagine.
I decided to join Americorps. I spent 2 years with Americorps NCCC traveling all over the south east doing all different kinds of service projects. I learned how to fix and build houses, paint walls, dig holes, tutor kids, remove invasive exotic plants, trail building, and probably more. It’s, looking back at it, honestly all a blur. Americorps taught me ALOT about myself and about how to get along with just about any kind of person. After my 2 terms were done I moved to Annapolis to help some family out.

I helped take care of my nephew and his newborn twin brother and sister. This part of my life was where I kinda started to learn what it was to be a grown up… kinda… I moved with them to Virginia after this and started working at a coffee shop. Managed a couple different locations before I decided to take a job at Books-a-Million.

Now, during my time in Virginia another life changing event happened. I met the love of my life. I cannot put into words how lucky I feel that I met her(no, she isn’t looking over my shoulder right now as I type this… I swear…) I am not going to go into details, other than to say we got married, moved to PA to be closer to family, and have a son. I love my family more than anything.

That pretty much brings us up to date and why I am starting this site. What my plans and goals are. The purpose of jetpacksNdragons.com is a couple of things.

First I just want a place where I can write my thoughts and opinions and hopefully share them with the world.

Second, I want to make this a place where I can share stuff from other people. I know how hard it is to try to make a living doing something that you truly love, and I hope that maybe I can grow this site to the point where I can help other starting creators get their foot in the door.

Third, I want to make a living and provide for my family doing something that I truly love. I won’t lie and say this is just for fun, I’m not in it for the money, etc… My goal is to grow this site and make it a place where people who love fantasy, sci-fi, video games, art, youtube, other “nerdy” stuff can come to and share what they are doing to give them a shot at living what they love. But I hope that someday I can make this my full time job. To start though, I really am only hoping to earn enough money to cover the cost of hosting, which really isn’t that much.

So I guess it’s disclaimer time. There are going to be links to special offers or deals on this site. Some of these link will be my affiliate links. If you for example click on an amazon link or audible link and buy something, I get a small commision. This however is not what I want this site to be about. All of my opinions are just that. I will not try to sell something I do not believe in, or something that I don’t honestly think people will enjoy. There will also be plenty of links to sites that I am not affiliated with, probably podcasts mostly as I am a podcast junkie and an audio book lover (I drive about 2 hours every day for work). So if i make enough money to keep this site up and not a dime more cool. If I make more than that and I can feed my Funko POP! Addiction even better, but I won’t let it dictate what I write about. So, check out the rest of the site, read my blog, check out the creators corner, leave me a note, tell your friends. If you like what you see and want to help out, just share it with your friends on social media. I do have a twitter account for the web site, follow me on twitter or facebook. Take care for now,


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